Sinaia, the most important Romanian resort, the former summer residence of royal family, is getting back the brightness after the last infrastructure investments. Situated very close to Bucharest (120 km) and hosting many national poits of interest, Sinaia is very proper to visit every season.

The Peles Castle was built by king Carol I between 1873-1914, and became shorthly the summer residence for the royal family. It was decorated by a very famous designers brought from Germany and Austria. It was condemned by communist party in 1948 and became a museum in 1953, but the public access was permitted only in 1990. The Romanian Goverment restituted the castle to the king Mihai I in 2007, but it remains open for visit and now is one of the most popular national museum and the most important point of interest from Prahova Valley.

Sinaia Monastery was built between 1690-1695 by Mihail Cantacuzino after his visit in Palestine and Sinai Mountain, after that, the entire area was named Sinaia. This is the first building of the region and the hub for the entire county: everything was built around the monastery. The old church is having architecture elements of Brancoveanu style (very popular Romanian leader, killed by Turkish people in Constantinopol in 1714).

Sinaia Casino-built between 1912-1913 by King Carol I, inspired by a very famous building: Monte Carlo Casino, both of them having the same owner for a short time: Marcay baron. Nowadays, Sinaia Casino is a wonderful host for international conferences, exhibitions of arts, photos, shows and concerts.

Sinaia Ski slopes: the slopes are situated very high, unusual for Romania (Carp slope starts from 2417 m above sea level), so that the snow is conserved until middle of May. There are 10 slopes with different difficulties and 6 cable transport equipments. In the summer time, the bikers can use some special tracks for them.

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